Thursday, 4 July 2013

Are Cell Phones Important In Today’s Society?

In this digital era, whether we talk about cell phones or smartphones, both are well-defined modes of communication. They have revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends, family, and other important business associates. Having a cell phone means that you have immediate access to emergency services such as medical, police, and fire. This wireless and portable device can do a lot more than just keep you safe. With the help of cell phones, you can use the GPS to assist you to find your way or, with a single call you can order food from a nearby restaurant. But in today’s time of financial restriction, it is not possible for everyone to afford cell phones.

Considering the fact that cell phones are an important need in our daily life, the government extended the Lifeline program to wireless service. This now gives cellular providers the ability to offer Free Government Cell Phone service.

In every state of the country, this free government cell phone service is available, but different states have different qualifying criteria. It is free of cost in most states except for Oklahoma, which has a $1 per month charge for cellular service.

Under this free government cell phone plan, you are able to make local and long distance calls, and get voice mails. Moreover, on many plans you get the facility of sending text messages as well. With Expert Choice it is very simple to apply for the free government cell phone plan. This cell phone program comes at no cost! The best part is that you will never be billed for the phone or the usage of it.

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